“This is a true ‘Book of Exodus’ — riveting like the original, inspired and inspiring. The contributors have taken a long journey to the banks of the Tiber, and it is every step an adventure. Along the way they make discoveries — encountering the Fathers, the tradition, the biblical roots of liturgy, the grace and power of the sacraments. They’ve been called to an ever-greater communion. We’re called there, too. What a privilege and page-turning joy it is to share the journey with these authors.”
Dr. Scott Hahn, Popular Catholic scholar, author, and professor at Franciscan University

 rose“Just when I thought I’d heard all the reasons why Protestants become Catholic, I encountered Doug Beaumont’s Evangelical Exodus. With depth and eloquence, nine seminary-trained Protestants explain how they were led by God to the fullness of the truth in the Catholic Church. From Middle-Earth and St. Thomas Aquinas to the canon of Scripture and John Calvin, this book has collected together powerful stories of conversion from men who knew Protestantism inside and out, and yet became Catholic in spite of it. Evangelical Exodus has set a new standard for compelling conversion stories.”
–  Devin Rose, Author of The Protestant’s Dilemma (Catholic Answers, 2014) and writer at St. Joseph’s Vanguard

“When I converted from Evangelicalism to Catholicism, it was a lonely journey. Most of my support came from the dead (i.e., saints), the distant (i.e., bloggers), and the disengaged (i.e., generous, but ambivalent Catholics.) Yet that’s not the case today. As these thoughtful contributors reveal, there is an exodus of smart Evangelical converts, marching backward in time, but forward in thought, to the promised land of Catholicism. These are not thoughtless vagabonds wooed by the comfort of easy faith. They are bright and open-minded—pastors, seminarians, trained theologians—chasing the truth wherever it leads, even at great personal cost. By chronicling their journeys in this book, Doug Beaumont and companions have provided a tremendous gift both to fellow wayfarers and those not yet on the way. Many unsettled Protestants will learn that in this difficult and unfamiliar journey they are not alone.”
– Brandon Vogt, Content Director at Word on Fire Catholic Ministries


“Twenty-five years ago I started seeing converts come into the Catholic Church, people such as Scott Hahn and others. It seems like we have another surge of former evangelical-Protestants coming into the Church. I believe we’ll have even more with the help of this book. I believe this collection of conversion stories will continue to encourage new ministers to come into to the Church, as well as fallen away Catholics to come back home. I recommend this great book for everyone!”
– Terry Barber, Founder of Saint Joseph Communications and co-host of The Terry and Jesse Show


“The integrity of this significant book is matched only by the passion of its contributors. Their honesty in recounting an odyssey of faith is refreshing indeed. As I read each account, my mind raced back to the years at Southern Evangelical Seminary. Surely these brothers were among the most spiritually courageous I have ever known. This ‘journey home’ compendium is must reading. It shows the path and guides the steps of anyone brave enough to discover this spiritual journey from Evangelicalism to the Catholic Church.”

 – Dr. Wayne Alan Detzler,  Former SES Professor, Sacred Heart University

 bcross“This collection of personal narratives by biblically astute and devout evangelical authors brings the reader into a first-person experience of the paradigmatic nature of what keeps Protestants and Catholics divided. Engaging these paradigms intellectually and personally, with Christ always at the center, as this book does is essential for ending this nearly five-hundred year separation.”

– Dr. Bryan Cross, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Mount Mercy University

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