Trent Horn Shout Out

Trent Horn mentioned Evangelical Exodus to Matt Fradd on his podcast, the aptly-named “Counsel of Trent” (starts at 10:45). he speaks about Southern Evangelical Seminary a couple times as well, even mentioning my buddy Richard Howe. Cool.

Wayne Detzler’s Updated Comments

(GUEST POST) Back when I was going to protestant seminary (before my conversion to Catholicism), I had a professor named Wayne Detzler.  His honest and academic look at Christian history helped me deeply on my journey toward Catholicism.  I was excited to hear that he endorsed the book and gave a very nice quote about…


The latest catalog from Ignatius Press lists Evangelical Exodus as a best seller (it’s right there, just above the Pope’s book haha). Still have not cracked Amazon’s top 100 but hey, it’s a niche book.  🙂