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Well it seems Southern Evangelical Seminary is not the only academic entity whose interest Evangelical Exodus has drawn.

The book was dismissively panned by James White on his podcast (an action some consider to be a sacrament of Catholic initiation, along with appearing on The Journey Home). You can see it yourself HERE (starts at 15:35). After reading a few quotes from the book, White opined that, “synergistic Thomism is a pretty fertile field out of which to grow Romanists.” I was touched. He also said he was disappointed that the book was what one would expect from Catholic Answers (if only White had responded with his own Reformed Baptist Answers, it might have gotten interesting!).

But prior to White’s enthusiastic thumbs-down, Dr. K. Scott Oliphint of Westminister Theological Seminary, used the book to take a swing at Thomism in his talk at ReformCon (yes, that’s a thing). You can can watch it HERE (Not: the video isn’t really a “live stream” – it’s just poorly edited. It begins at 15:30). In Oliphint’s lecture he said he was writing a review of the book which I look forward to reading as I am sure a Presuppositional  Reformed Westminster professor will have nothing but good things to say (HERE it is – one of the best out there, actually)!

Anyway, nothing earth-shattering or unexpected from these anti-thomist guys. Similar to SES’s disappointing response, neither interacted much with the book’s actual arguments; instead they chose to simply use their review as a springboard to launch into a discussion of the views they held long before it went to print.

As they say, “No press is bad press” though!