The Last Place I Thought I’d Ever Be (by SES Alumnus and Former Professor, Dr. Jason Reed)



There are several Catholic converts from Southern Evangelical Seminary that did not, for one reason or another, have their stories included in Evangelical Exodus. Some were for personal reasons, but most were simply unavailable at the time, or had not yet begun or completed their journeys across the Tiber. Some of these converts have reached out to me since the book’s publication, and I have asked any interested to contribute to this blog in the same spirit as that of the book. I hope you enjoy the continuing stories of this Evangelical Exodus.

The Last Place I Thought I’d Never Be

jlreedSES Alumnus and Former Professor, Dr. Jason Reed

A self-professed anti-Catholic, Dr. Reed became disenchanted with the evangelical faith and doctrinal foundations. His thirst for answers led him into a spiritual desert until he found the oasis of the Catholic Church. Dr. Reed gave his witness at St. Patrick Parish Center below. Click on the video to hear him tell how his investigation into the teachings of the Catholic faith led him to the last place he thought he’d call home.

Dr. Reed’s testimony begins at 12:00.