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The National Catholic Register kindly published a book review / interview with Kathy Schiffer today HERE. As can be expected, it’s a bit over-dramatized at times, but the overall spirit of the interview was captured. There were a few errors that I alerted the author to once I saw it, but since most people will read the article before corrections can be made (if they can be made), I am going to point them out here in the interest of getting ahead of any criticism based on them.

First, the first paragraph could be seen as misleading spin – it would be more accurate to say, “Douglas Beaumont was a pretty solid Evangelical Christian, by his own admission. For twenty years, he lived in that tradition—studying at an Evangelical seminary, then teaching at the same institution, and helping the seminary founder and president with the writing of his systematic theology. Beaumont authored or contributed to several books which were published by Evangelical publishers, and he was speaking around the country.”

Second, the definition of sola scriptura used in the article (“all truth can be found in the Scriptures”) is incorrect. Rather, sola scriptura teaches that Scripture is the ultimate authority in religious matters.

Third, Joshua [not “John”!] Betancourt actually did write the book I mentioned.


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